5 Unique Ways to Increase Customer Engagement for Your Business

By Gowtham Raj on January 18th, 2021

Did you know that companies that emphasize customer engagement earn 4% to 8% more than their industries as a whole? In addition, 96% of customers say customer service is essential to their brand loyalty. If you want a strong customer base, you need to engage your customers. 

Even major companies spend years studying how to increase customer engagement. Don’t worry. You can get started right away. 

Here are five ways to boost customer engagement.

1. Get Data on Customer Engagement

You can’t engage your customers without knowing how they feel. After every service, provide your customer with a survey. It can be a simple 1-10 scale, asking them how satisfied they were with your work. 

Hire someone whose sole job is to monitor social media. Many customers report problems through social media, so have them take notes on what customers are saying. They should also respond to each and every comment. 

Go on online review sites and read the feedback there. You can create an official company account and respond to comments, so go and respond to each one.

Apologize to the people who disliked your service. Tell them that you will work to improve, and then work to improve. 

Ask questions to the people who are on the fence. Thank them for offering feedback, and encourage them to try your company again. 

Thank the people who liked your service. Encourage them to come back and recommend your service to other people. Adjust your services based on the evidence you gather. 

2. Run More Effective Social Media Campaigns

If you haven’t done so, open Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. 

You should update your Twitter and Instagram accounts at least once per day. Twitter is text-based, but you can share videos, photos, and articles. Share a variety of content. 

Keep promotional content to a minimum, sharing educational and entertaining content instead. Share images with fun facts on your business, and show services through short videos. 

Many companies focus on the hashtag component of Twitter. Though hashtags are important, producing engaging content is far more important. Make content that people want to share through hashtags.

Instagram is visual-based so share photos and videos of your company and services. Spotlight important employees, and ask them to tell their story. 

You should update your Facebook account at least once per day. Facebook is an all-inclusive platform, but its biggest advantage is live streaming. Set up streams where you provide tutorials and describe services. 

3. Produce Interactive Content

You can produce interactive content through a few different venues. The first is apps

Create a mobile application for your business. Include your contact information and the ability to make orders through the app. Connect the app to emails to send alerts and codes for discounts. 

Try to offer some kind of service through your app. You can include a section that offers fun facts related to your industry. If you are in a science-related business, include a tool like a calculator. 

The second is games. Ask your customers to take photos related to your business. Whoever takes the best photo wins a prize. 

An alternate reality game is a story told through multimedia. It contains puzzles, videos, websites, and other activities. Major companies have run alternate reality games to promote their products, but a company can use free media to run their game. 

The simplest way to produce interactive content is to have polls. Give your audience a couple of options and ask them to vote on the next one. Do something with the winning option.

4. Create a Community for Your Customers

Start a loyalty program for your long-term customers. If they use your service ten times, make the eleventh use free. Give them coupon codes and upgrades. 

Start a Facebook Group and invite your long-term customers to it. Loop them in about sales and new services you will offer. Talk to them one-on-one, getting to know them personally. 

When your customers send you content, share it on your social media pages. Credit them with what they have created. Encourage your customers to send you additional material. 

Start a blog on your company website and ask customers to write for it. If they are a business owner, allow them to include a link to their business. 

If you’re a local business, reach out to your community. Sponsor local events and run a booth at expos and fun runs. Let your customers feel like they know you, and get your customers to like you.

5. Offer Free Incentives

Giveaways are one of the most effective ways to market your business. When your customer picks up a pen with your company name on it, they are reminded of your business. They associate your business with a practical utility.

T-shirts are another valuable giveaway. When someone wears a T-shirt with your logo, they become a walking billboard for your company. 

Offer free things to valuable customers. You can also use free things to sweeten the deal for less-engaged customers. Run contests where the award is a free item. 

How to Engage Customers

Customer engagement is profit engagement. A customer that is entertained will come back to you time and time again. Learn five tips and you can get started today. 

Get reliable data on your customers. Provide them with surveys and monitor social media feeds for comments. Run social media campaigns with very interesting and informative content.

Create interactivity through mobile apps, games, and polls. Create a customer community with Facebook Groups and local outreach. Offer free things that promote your brand. 

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By Gowtham Raj

January 18th, 2021