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8 Innovative Machine Learning Trends to Watch For in 2019

By Gowtham Raj on July 26th, 2019

Machine learning industry projections reveal cumulative investments of $58 billion by 2021. This is possible because the machine learning industry is growing at a rapid pace.

Machine learning trends promise something for every industry, hence the high growth rate. The impact of these technologies goes beyond the internet industry. They will reach the automobile, legal, agriculture, and health industries.

In 2018, the platforms, tools, and applications based on machine learning tremendously increased. This trend is projected to continue this year on a bigger scale.

Below are eight machine learning trends to watch out for in 2019.

1. Convergence of AI and IoT

In 2019, we will see the convergence of AI with different technologies. One of those technologies will be the industrial IoT. AI and IoT will meet at the edge computing layer.

New machine learning trends will use AI for root cause analysis. Moreover, as such, this year, the automatic detection of device problems will be a reality. Thus, routine maintenance of machinery will be carried out by machines.

Advanced machine learning models powered by neural networks deployed at the edge layer. These models will be able to perform speech synthesis.

More so, they will have the capability to deal with video frames. They will also analyze time-series data and unstructured data from many IoT devices.

AI will be de-centralized in 2019. Intelligence will be brought closer to the devices running routine checks. This collaboration between AI and IoT will lead to the rise of distributed AI. Therefore, IoT will be the biggest driver for AI in the enterprise in 2019.

2. Cloud Computing Optimization

The cloud computing industry is expected to increase from $175.8 billion( recorded last year) to over $200 billion in 2019. The growing demand for cloud services will attract the attention of providers to use AI.

Currently, new customers require certified experts to use cloud platforms. This makes cloud computing service adoption expensive. In 2019, service providers will leverage AI to disrupt this trend.

Adoption of cloud computing will be user-friendly. Machine learning will aid service provides in understanding customer needs. AI systems will then improve the customer experience. As such, deployment of cloud-based applications for startups will be affordable.

3. Virtual Agents Will Be Among Popular Machine Learning Trends

Virtual agents respond to customers through email or live chats in company websites. They provide human-like customized help to clients. In 2019, many businesses will jump onto this train.

Companies such as Google and Amazon are already using this 24/7 customer service tool. Virtual agents rely on AI systems to answer customer queries. The AI system depends on machine learning to establish frequently asked questions.

The answers to these questions are used to predict future conversations. In this regard, AI will facilitate the interaction between the virtual agent and the customer. In 2019, you can improve customer service using these machine learning models.

Also, startups can assign repetitive customer service tasks to virtual agents. This will be a cost cutting technique.

The availability of open-source machine learning will increase the rate of innovation in this field. Deep learning frameworks will enable virtual agents to do more than just replying to customer queries.

So, virtual agents will be recommending products and tagging images. This will be a niche market for startup businesses in 2019.

4. Robot Bosses

Ever imagined that one day you would have a machine as your boss? Well, artificial intelligence will make this a reality in 2019. Currently, robots are used in the manufacturing and automobile industry to automate processes.

In 2019, machine learning will make it possible for robots to perform business management tasks. How would you feel when a robot fires you? This will be the reality.

Machine learning algorithms are powerful in pattern recognition and predictive analytics. Robots will be performing repetitive tasks currently done by lower level managers. They will become the decision makers. 

The need to lower the impact of emotions in making investment decisions will make the use of robots even more popular.

5. Mainstream AI Enabled Chips

AI is dependent on specialized processors. Chip manufacturing companies will release specialized chips that can run high-demand AI applications. Applications such as speech recognition and natural language processing demand high processor speeds.

An ordinary CPU cannot manage the speed required to run such AI applications. The additional hardware needed will be produced this year. It will be in the form of specialized chips that can support high-speed AI applications.

Companies such as Intel and IBM will start shipping these specialized chips. They will optimize them to deal with specific applications that require high processor speeds.

The impact of these chips will be on all industries. Automobile companies, as well as health care facilities, will use these chips to deliver intelligence to end users.

6. Improved Data Analysis

The amount of data collected every day in businesses is massive. This data needs proper analysis and interpretation for use decision making. Emerging machine learning trends provide the means to collect, store, and analyze this data.

Heavy computations required to make sense out of the data is done by AI. After analysis, AI recommends the most relevant content to you.

For startups, this is an important step for fast decision making. This is why, in 2019, robot bosses will be a reality.

Apart from making decisions, AI systems recognize patterns easily. This capability makes them excellent for use in repetitive management tasks. Humans will be replaced by machines in the workplace.

7. Anti-Counterfeiting

Counterfeits significantly affect business profits, and each year that passes, they get harder to spot. More so, online shopping has made it easier to buy Counterfeits. However, a solution is on the way. AI is being used to develop countermeasures. AI will be applied both online as well as physical commerce to spot fake products as well as trademark-infringing listings.

8. Improved Cyber Security

AI improves cybersecurity through the automation of complex processes that detect cyber-attacks and react to security breaches. 2019 will see improved incident monitoring. This is quite important since the “speed of incident detection” and the resulting response are crucial in mitigating damages.

As such, machine learning can also provide automated responses to particular cyber-attacks without requiring human intervention.

Why Machine Learning?

For a start-up business, machine learning trends will make it easier to interact with customers. Instead of hiring a full-time customer service agent, you will be using virtual agents in 2019. Labor costs will not be a challenge anymore.

Onboarding your business services to the cloud will be easier in 2019. Using machine learning, service providers will understand customer needs.

They will provide solutions that will make your adoption of the cloud as a service infrastructure user-friendly. You will no longer need to hire that certified expert to set up your cloud computing.

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By Gowtham Raj

July 26th, 2019