How to Create the Best Business App Design

By Gowtham Raj on January 18th, 2021

When your business is ready to scale, launching an app may form part of your plans. And who can blame you? Every dollar you invest in user experience (UX) could return 9,900%. Once you’ve built a well-performing website, app design is a logical next step. 

But what does that mean? Are you going to attract millions of extra customers (and dollars) just because you created and launched an app? 


… No. Because a lot of apps are poorly-designed, have no clear purpose, and are full of bugs. Rather than helping businesses with their branding, they do the opposite. 

Angry customers + uninstalls = not the best business growth combination. 

Are you worried that your app will flop? You don’t need to be; many businesses have successfully scaled further because of their software. 

But they got expert help and planned before launching. It would be best if you did the same. 

Are you wondering how to make a business app? This guide will provide you with advice on creating the best business app design. 

Decide on the Goals for Your App

Where does a business app most often go wrong? In the beginning. Many companies launch an app with no objective in mind. 

Before you start developing your app, you need to think about what purpose it will serve. 

Ask yourself the following questions. 

· What market gap will my app fill? 

· Do you want to create an app to impact your audience positively? Or do you just want to say that you have an app? 

· What services will you provide on your app? Will you use it as an online store, information hub, or something else? 

By knowing the reasons that you want an app, the development stage will go more smoothly. Your market research will also be more specific. Both of these will stop you from needing to start again later. 

Think About What You Want Your App to Look Like

When researching how to make a business app, you will often find advice about aesthetics. And there’s a good reason for that – an ugly design will put users off. Think about it: why do you think the likes of Instagram spend millions on how their interfaces look? 

But here’s the catch. Looking good alone will not be enough to create the best app design. Your product needs to represent your business. 

When thinking about what you want your app to look like, make sure you tick at least the following checkpoints. 

· Your app must use your company’s color palette. 

· Your app needs to have short, easy-to-read text. The less text, the better. 

· You need to make sure that your app uses imagery that matches your business. If you use illustrations, your app should similarly use these; vice versa for photos. 

When you know what you want your app to look like, your business messaging will communicate better as a result. 

Partner With an App Designer

If you have searched “how to make a business app” or anything similar, stop. 

Presumably, you don’t have a team of app designers if you’re searching for terms like that. You also probably don’t have much experience in software design. 

Both of which are a recipe for disaster if you want to create a well-functioning app. Save yourself the stress and disappointment, and partner with an app designer instead. 

When looking for an app design specialist, it would help if you looked for a company with positive reviews from similarly-sized businesses. They should also offer a tailored solution and have analyzed competitors to see what you can do better. 

Once you have picked an app designer you’d like to work with, talk about your needs and wants. If you’ve followed the first two points in this blog post, that won’t be a problem. 

Partnering with a designer will make sure that your app not only looks good but also functions well. 

Test Your App Before Launching It

According to Business of Apps, 28% of mobile apps are uninstalled within 30 days of downloading. 

A common reason for users uninstalling apps is because they don’t work. Many newly-launched apps are not tested, with easy-to-fix problems not picked up. 

Besides offering a poor user experience, untested apps can cause bigger problems. An app full of bugs suggests a lack of professionalism. It also implies that you don’t care about attention to detail. 

If your app isn’t designed well, users may lose trust in you. That goes for both new customers and long-term brand advocates. That results in your revenue dropping, and a long way back to recover your reputation. 

When testing your product before launch, a good app design specialist will also help you with this. The extra small investment will save you time and money in the long run. 

Market Your App 

Congratulations – you’ve launched your app! Now you can go and sit back with a cup of tea, watching the downloads roll in. 

Or not. If only it were that simple. 

Your job isn’t over because your app is live. If nobody knows about it, you’re likely not going to get much attention. 

When you’ve launched your app, start a conversation online. For example, you could share its cool new features on social media. You could also write blog posts and upload videos explaining how to use the platform and ways to fix potential problems. 

Once you have marketed your app for a few months, you will enjoy much higher engagement than if you had chosen to do nothing. 

Improve Your App Design With User Feedback

After users have downloaded your app, they will be keen to share their feedback. And you should welcome this because they might pick up on issues you missed. 

Once they’ve been given some time to try out your app, ask them for feedback. Create a little pop-up notification giving them the option to do this. You can also send emails to your customers, create surveys, and create a space for users to write a review. 

Take all feedback on board, whether it’s positive or negative. And after users tell you what they like and don’t like, work on improving the areas that are a little weaker. 


App design can be complicated if you’ve never done it before. But fear not, because a bit of prior research and thinking will go a long way. 

To create a popular business app, make sure you set out goals and think about what you want the app to look like. When you’re ready to design the app, partner with a company that has expertise in this. 

After your app is launched, you can improve your design with user feedback and marketing your product. By doing all of these, you’ll ensure that your app adds a new dimension to your business.

Are you ready to launch a well-designed app that wows your customers? Get in touch to see how we can help.

By Gowtham Raj

January 18th, 2021