There’s a Coach for That: How a Business Coach Will Elevate Your Startup

By Gowtham Raj on June 2nd, 2019

The only thing harder than launching a business is growing it into a successful one. Each stage of a startup needs unique resources and strategies. 

You must be ready and willing to change course if the original plan doesn’t work. No flexibility is one reason 50% of startups fail within five years. 

The right choices propel your business forward. The wrong choices result in failure.

Whether you’re a tech startup or a community eco-garden, you need the right resources. A coach can guide you through crucial decisions so your company thrives. 

Like an athletic coach, your business coach offers advice and encouragement. Smart business owners hire a coach to stay focused on goals and growth.

Let’s take a closer look at what a small business coach can do for your startup.

Don’t Do It Alone

Lots of startups begin with one person and a single idea. But that doesn’t mean you have to do everything alone. No one has all the answers.

Successful business owners understand that a coach gives you an edge. A coach keeps you motivated. A business coach inspires, encourages, and supports your efforts. 

Your coach helps you focus on opportunity and potential. Stagnation ends because the coach guides the business from where you are now to where you want to be.

What’s a Small Business Coach?

Think of your business coach as a combination mentor, confidant, and life coach. Coaches are impartial judges and sounding boards, too.

A coach helps develop and innovate business plans to make your company profitable. The right coach anticipates problems before they happen.

The ideal coach for your company knows the industry and how to run a business. Find a coach with management and sales experience.

The bottom line is a business coach is there to help your business reach its full potential. In the process, you learn how to be a better business owner.

When to Hire a Business Coach

There’s a difference between starting a business and prepping for long-term success. A coach can help you before, during, and after a business launch.

There’s no stock answer to when to hire a coach. Each situation is unique. It depends on when you need help. 

Some owners hire a coach during the conceptual stage. Others get a coach post-launch to improve operations.

Hire a coach at any stage of your business to help you become a better manager.

Before hiring a coach, decide which challenges make you feel stuck. You can pick a broad area for improvement. Your coach can drill down to the important details.

Don’t hire a coach until you research your options. Most small business coaches have service plans that offer different levels of support. Make sure you know how much it costs to get the help you want.

Once you choose a coach and service plan get ready to shine. A coach pushes you out of your comfort zone and into success.

Next, let’s look at specific reasons to hire a coach.


Brainstorm new ideas with your coach. Put their knowledge and experience to work for your business. A coach offers unbiased opinions based.

Always include personal and company values in the mix. Take advantage of the fresh perspective a coach brings to the table.

A coach can see connections and solutions hidden to someone buried in the situation. Let your mentor help you uncover new ideas.

Approaching challenges in a new way can lead to profit centers and solutions.

Sounding Board for Ideas

Bounce ideas, concerns, problems, and fears off your coach. Your coach knows how to ask the hard questions to get at the root of each issue.

Tell your story, then sit back and listen to proactive suggestions. A coach gives feedback without judgment.

The goal is to keep your business on track to reach goals. Feedback lets you see blind spots and obstacles that weren’t obvious to you.

The right coach knows how to lead the way to your next success.

Remain Accountable

A business coach prevents procrastination and broken promises.

It’s easy to break a promise to yourself. It’s much harder to break a promise to a business coach who holds you responsible for your actions.

The coach points the way, then provides strategies and support to get you there.

Develop a Path to Success

The main job of a coach is to create a road map, then guide you to the destination. The coach keeps all your efforts focused on your goal.

Expect challenges your thinking and the mental tools you need to find solutions. Coaches set realistic expectations that build on each consecutive success

Continued evaluation and adjustments elevate your company to the best outcome.

Every elite performer and athlete uses a coach to reach the top of their game. The smart way to speed up business success is with a business coach.

How to Choose a Coach

Every small business coach offers some of the same services. Find someone who understands your business.

You want a comfortable relationship, but not someone who always agrees with you. Look for a coach who offers:

  • Motivational Support
  • Inspiration to Pursue New Opportunities
  • Management Insights
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Plans
  • Revenue Projections
  • Unbiased Feedback

Drill down further to find someone who specializes in your industry or problem.

Want to develop software? Choose a coach who understands designing software for the user experience.

Need help with leads acquisition and client relations? Find a coach with a successful lead generation and customer service background.

Want to recruit a stable workforce? Pick someone with a proven record for employee motivation and loyalty.

Should You Hire a Business Coach?

Depending on your needs, your coach may look like a life coach or a silent partner in your business. You get to decide which type of relationship you want.

If you need expert advice or insights, try a coach. If you need a morale boost for yourself or your staff, talk to a coach. Hiring a coach is an investment in your company.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for your true potential, a coach can help you reach it.

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By Gowtham Raj

June 2nd, 2019