Why Engagement Strategies Matter More Than Ever

By Gowtham Raj on June 2nd, 2019

People are served anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 ads a day. Understandably, they start to ignore the ads at a certain point, which means your marketing strategies may be going to waste. They may be fantastic ideas, but your potential customers are inundated with so many ads they have ad fatigue.

With all the noise of advertising in their faces, your prospects can be difficult to reach. Here are some reasons why engagement strategies matter more than ever now.

What Are Engagement Strategies?

When you’re referring to engagement in marketing, it’s the method you use to get potential customers to interact with your brand. But it’s not just about creating interactions; it’s about creating meaningful relationships with them that manner in the long run.

The interactions can include social media likes, comments, live chat, phone calls, and emails. Any touchpoint where you can interact with customers is a potential point of engagement.

In the past, the buyer’s lifecycle involved interactions with your sales team early on. This meant their journeys were guided and directed by brands ever since their awareness and research phases.

But nowadays, the majority of customers have self-guided journeys. This means they do all the research and then approach companies when they’re ready. As a result, marketing and sales tactics have had to significantly evolve to keep pace with changing customer demands.

Engagement strategies are carefully thought out and planned methods for your brand to entice people to interact with your brand so you can build relationships with them. It’s a very effective way of standing out against the large sea of faceless advertisements.

Why Are Engagement Strategies Important?

Below, we discuss a few key reasons why you shouldn’t ignore the area of engagement strategies.

It Creates Brand Awareness

It pays to show that your company has a personality. When you do so through your engagement strategies, it helps people remember who you are, what you do, and how you treat your customers.

For example, if you have playful banter going on with other brands and customers on Twitter, people will remember you as the funny (but not too crude) brand.

It Gets People to Enter the Buying Funnel

Since customers do all their research beforehand, they’re technically already in the buying funnel. But your optimal engagement strategy can be the push they need to consider your business as a top candidate.

Otherwise, your brand can become lost among the crowd of your competitors. It’s easy to become just another voice reaching out to your prospects.

It Lets You Know What Your Customers Want

You already know that your potential customers don’t want to be spammed with ads. But your engagement strategies will be based on what you know about your target audience, not what they actually want.

By using user research in your engagement strategies, you can find out how they’re responding to your strategies. Then, you can tweak accordingly to give them what they want.

It’s a Strategic Way to Position Your Brand

Once you’ve found out what pain points your prospects have, you can offer them something of value. For example, if you sell vacuums, and your prospects are shopping around for one, they don’t want to be targeted with vacuum ads. That has no value to them and will annoy them whenever they see your ads.

Instead, you can create helpful articles on how to keep the house clean, what vacuum parts are good for what type of cleaning, things like that. Share these articles on social media or by email. Your potential customers will not only see that you’re a thought leader in your industry, but also that you genuinely care about helping people out. 

You Can Create a Dialogue with Prospects

Customers want to know that they’re valued by the brands they choose, and there’s nothing worse than the feelings of being underappreciated and ignored. When prospects reach out to you through social media, email, live chat, and other methods, you want to take that opportunity to create a dialogue with them.

You can get a leg up on your competition since your potential customers will remember how invested you were in creating a relationship with them.

It Can Help with Word of Mouth

Again, if you show your business is devoted to facilitating the customer journey and providing prospects with what they need when they need it, they’ll naturally tell their family and friends. This can be a good way to get free advertising.

In fact, word of mouth has been an important part of marketing ever since the early days, and it’s just as important today. Anything you do (good or bad), can spread quickly on the internet, so use it to your advantage by cultivating positive engagements.

You Encourage Loyalty

Establishing your brand means establishing customer loyalty. People tend to be more loyal to brands that keep an ongoing dialogue with them. If they don’t feel valued or feel ignored, it can cause them to look elsewhere for services and products.

This is why engagement is important for not only acquisition but also retention. With how competitive all industries are nowadays, you can’t afford to lose your current customers to competitors. If you get people to engage with your business, you’ll build trust and loyalty, which will pay off in the long run.

Excellent Engagement Strategies Will Boost Business

By utilizing the optimal engagement strategies for your business, you’ll see a significant difference in the quality of your leads. Not only can effective strategies put more people into the buying funnel, but it can also help your company’s name spread in a positive manner. Better brand awareness means a definite edge over your competition.

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By Gowtham Raj

June 2nd, 2019