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Chat Center

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What is Chat Center?

In one line Chat Center is a SaaS-based customer engagement platform. Chat Centre helps users to connect with their customers real-time to its customers and Prospects quickly and affordable.

Chat Center creates a unique URL for each organization/individual signed up. This URL can be shared anywhere over the internet, and the users can reach them directly.

Who are its Customers?

Every user in the world, all individuals or the corporates can use Chat Centre. Chat Centre URL is like a mobile number for the web. Chat Centre operates in a Freemium model.

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Chat With Your Customers

Chat Center URL is universal and unique to each user, and this feature helps business to embed the URL anywhere in the web to engage their customers

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Chat With Your Visitors

Chat Center offers a simple and customizable chat widget that can be customized based on branding. The website visitors can quickly click on it and chat directly with the company representatives.

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Chat With Your Followersn

Personalities and public influencers can use chat Center URLs in their social accounts, and anyone can chat directly to them. Each user can control their privacy settling matching their needs.

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Chat With Your Clients

Chat Centre allows seamless and an easy way to chat with their clients using the unique chat URL. Users can place these URLs in their contact us forms; their clients can directly talk to the corresponding departments.

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Chat With Your Prospects

Chat Center, can not only be used in websites but also anywhere you could imagine. Your vCard with the Chat Centre URL helps your prospects to chat directly with you. Chat Centre also provides a short URL to ease this process.

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Chat With Your Shoppers

Chat Center provides a convenient widget that is plugged in into any page. The widget has the option to configure the visuals to match their branding and the routing logic for the messages. They can be sent to a group chat or an individual's handle.

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Chat With Your Coworkers

Chat Center not only provides a chat interface for the client, but it also provides a seamless way to communicate within the team. Each person in the team has a unique and customizable URL. Thus Chat Center is a one-stop chat for all the members of the team and their customers.

Challenges & What Makes Us Unique?

Click to Chat is just a tool, just like any tool. If put to a good use anything can happen. Chat Centre has a lot of different tricks under its sleeves to fascinate its customers.

Full Feature Chat Interface

Every Chat Center user gets a fully functional and robust chat interface where they can manage their customers and leads at one place. Each chat is grouped to match the context from where the chat originated, e.g., from Google Ads or Facebook Campaign.

Extendable API

Chat Center not only has a product on its own. It has a full-featured API that can be consumed by any creative developers to use our highly scalable platform to work for their use cases.

Robust Privacy & Access Control

Chat Centre has highly robust privacy and access control features that can be used to match the user's specific needs. Chat Center's Access Control policy has a highly robust control mechanism to match any team sizes.

Cheap and Secure

Chat Center has a very flexible and cost-effective business model that is built on top of a highly scalable and highly robust architecture. Chat Center has a Freemium model and a pay as you go pricing for its customers.


Build Beautiful Chat Widgets For Your Page

Chat Centre has a full-featured widget editor that is completely customized for each user's branding preferences. All these to make chat center a number one customer engagement platform.

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Tech Stack

Sportiv was one of the successful projects that we had developed from scratch. The tech stack as decided based on the cost and the timeline of the development. The client had to go with a lean stack since he had a low budget initially.

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