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Back Story

Electric Scooters are paving the way for green transportation. Big companies like Lime and Bird has already begun this revolution with hundreds of scooters in place. But what we have built has something unique.

How Our On-demand Scooter App Works?

The app begins like a standard on-demand scooter rental. But it has once secret that we have added making it unique.

  • Opens The App and Selects the scooter

    Once the user signs into our app, we present him with the list of bikes available in his neighborhood. Once done some secret happens here.

  • Scan the barcode on the scooter

    The user has to authorize the ride start by scanning the barcode on the bike; thus, unlocking it.

  • Unlock Bike & Ride

    Once unlocked, the user can get on it and start his ride to any place around the city. The rider's app receives the bike stats in real-time.

  • Lock the scooter at your destination

    Once the destination arrives, the user can lock the bike by ending the ride or can pause the trip for a quick stop. Once the trip ends, the system automatically calculates the ride cost and gets paid from the customer.



In-App Pricing

We have integrated Payment Option in the electric scooter rental apps to make it convenient and fast for the users to book their ride


GSP helps rides to find out the exact location of the scooter, without having to check it in person.

Social Media Integration

Our app integrates with your social media for a hassle-free login and also allows the ability to post your success ride to create awareness to your friends.

Cross Platform

This app is available in both Android, iOS, and Web, thus coving all the tech ecosystem covering all devices and sizes.

Barcode Scanning

It is one of the most critical aspects of the e-scooter app. It plays a vital role, and we pulled it off like a piece of cake.

Multi-Language Support

We always architecture our apps in such a way that the app can be directly translated into different languages without much effort.

Visual Design

Tart Labs's UI and UX experts take maximum care in making the UI and UX look fantastic and easily usable. Our team closely communicates with the clients to know their vision. Similarly, Ride Scooter also received exceptional care. The client was happy with the design and development that is happing in the background.


The tech stack here is chosen to take into consideration of all the real-time aspects and the scalability points. Tart Lab's product team finalized with Firebase for all the real-time communications.

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