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Pickup, Drop Anything Across Chennai!

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Back Story

Genie is a hyperlocal delivery service that helps users, buy, pick up and drop anything across Chennai. Genie had the vision to become the hyperlocal delivery unicorn. Genie also had tie-ups with restaurants and local groceries to easy the process of purchase. Genie had a fleet of hundred plus delivery Genies who gets orders from customers in real-time.

What is Genie?

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For Customers

Genie is a hyperlocal assistant for each user. The delivery Genies across the city shortens the time for transporting one commodity from one point to the other. Give a pat on your back, if you had used Genie. You have contributed towards a green world.

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For Delivery Genie

The Delivery Genies are the backbone for the entire ecosystem. They ease the lives of thousands of customers. Delivery Genies gets short real-time routing's between the pickup and drop points. Our Proprietary intelligent routing algorithm saves much time by increasing efficiency and also reducing the carbon footprint.


Instant & Convenient

Genie has hundreds of Delivery agents spread across the city to deliver delight to you as soon as possible. Our intelligent routing algo organize, arrange, pick up and deliver everything super fast.

Genie for Business

Genie has hundreds of business on board, ranging from restaurants, quick bites, and many more. Genie has a business portal that allows the business to notify about the new orders.

No Distance Limit

Genie has nearly no distance limit. Users can move anything across the city at ease. Genie eases all the hurdles in long-distance transportation with no distance restriction inside the city.

Live Order Tracking

Map view with real-time state changes makes sure you don’t have to keep calling or chatting to know where your order is. Live tracking with accurate ETAs built right into the app.

Shop from 200+ Stores

Carefully chosen and put together with over 3+ years of user preference data, Genie provides you with the superior selection of products you can get from anywhere in the city.

Chat To Customize

Want a product from the store that is not listed? Genie experts are always online to create a custom delivery. Our Delivery Genie shall deliver the product right on your doorstep.


Future of Genie

After the massive success of Genie in Chennai, it started turning heads of more prominent brands in the competitor space. A company named Dunzo backed by Google, and many other top investors acquired Genie with all the tech and its operations. Now Genie in Chennai is rebranded as Dunzo.


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