Back Story

Marksmen Review is a comprehensive suite of study materials for aspiring doctors and nurses. Marksmen Review has a massive database of Question Banks and Video Lectures, which helps the students to prepare for the exam. Our proprietary algorithm helps users to pinpoint the area correctly where they need much practice.

Marksmen Review has more than 10,000+ questions in their Q-bank database and more than 5000+ doctors and nursing specialists.

Who are its customers?

Marksmen Review can is used by all the medical students who are willing to pursue their PG in medical sciences in the USA. It offers some advantages.

For Physicians

Marksmen Review has complete study materials for USMLE including - Step1, Step 2 CS, Step 2 CK and Step 3. With Q-bank and video lectures.

For Nurses

Marksmen Review has recently added NCLEX to their suite of exams, with thousands of question.


  • Comprehensive Dashboard

    Marksmen Review offers a full suite of the dashboard with a handful of different analytics and performance information. These give the students a detailed overview of what subjects they need to concentrate.

  • Detailed Test Analysis

    After each test is complete, a detailed test analysis is presented to the students. They can compare their performance to themselves or other users in the Marksmen Review.

  • Multiple Test Models

    Marksmen Review has a wide variety of test modes like timed, untimed and with or without a tutor. These modes help students to practice for their tests easily.


Tech Stack

Marksmen Review was one of the successful projects that we had developed from scratch. The tech stack as decided based on the cost and the timeline of the development. The client had to go with a lean stack since he had a low budget initially.

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