Motivation: Most Successful Startups

Motivation: Most Successful Startups

Are you interested in starting a new business or are new to the business world? Here are some motivational stories of the most successful startups.

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From the inventor of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, to the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, and the principal founder of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates. They all had ideas. Ideas that have turned out to be the most successful startups in this century.

Not one of these entrepreneurs and business magnets can attest to having a smooth ride to success and financial freedom. The technology was not always on their side. It took hard work, perseverance, heart, and a lot of experiments.

Experiments that failed, but they moved forward. Hoping to get closer to the finish line. That is the sort of motivation you need. Whether you are a novice to the business world or you want to start up a new business. Get enlightened and motivated by these million dollar business ideas.

Most Successful Startups

These successful startup businesses you will read about below, have their own individual story. How they triumphantly conquered the business industry to be the gurus they are now. If you have been looking for the right motivation to turn your idea into a business, you are in the right place.

1. Unspalsh

Let's kick off with this photo business idea. It may seem out of the box, but Unsplash app host over 10,000 free photos that are readily available to be downloaded. The business began with a photographer and a Canadian startup crew. During a photo shoot, the photographer took more photos than were required.

So they sort to post them online, rather than having them stored up on the hard drive. A hackernews post went viral and just like that, 50,000 downloads were registered. Today, they are the go-to site for free images.

2. AppSumo

A business that hit 1 million in sales in their first year of business. Talk about motivation! AppSumo is an everyday website that sells digital goods and services. The founder, Noah Kagan, started up this business with out-of-pocket $50 plus an additional $20, which he borrowed from his mother.

As he was working at mint.com at marketing. On an ordinary day at the office, he realized that there is an industry gap. There needed to be a discount site for digital companies. He took it upon himself to explore this idea. Since then, their sales have increased annually.

3. Udemy

Udemy offers courses on just about anything. Today, they boast a net worth of $170 million and over 42,000 courses available on their site. But they didn't start up so well.

Cofounder Gagan Biyani used to work at consulting firm Accenture. He didn't want to remain there for long, so he searched for a side hustle. He created the site and allowed people to sell and create courses. The community accepted the idea and it's now one of the most successful Startups ever known.

4. Houzz

It's very unlikely that you haven't heard of this Houzz. Especially if you have been on the search for home decor and ideas for renovating your space. Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen wanted to make some changes in their home.

During that time, there wasn't much online exposure as there is now. With a build up in frustration, they pooled together a team to start up this project. It took twenty parents from Adi and Alon kids' school, designers and architects in the bay area to kick start the site.

These first users really boosted up the business even with the lack of online resources. As of now, the site has over 40 million monthly users and has employed over 1000 workers. Their net worth is over four billion dollars.

5. Buffer

One motivation takeaway from these successful software startup ideas is that you should listen to the market. That's exactly what Joel Gascoigne did. Before he set up to start Buffer, he has started up on another project.

Blame it on the timing, or the lack of experience. But that project didn't work out. So he took this project a little slower. He created a website that educated the public about what services he plans to offer to people.

People subscribed and signed up which gave him the confidence to move forward with his business idea. Now, Buffer is a very common and successful website that helps its millions of subscribers share their thoughts globally.

6. Ride Health

It can be really frustrating when you need transport services from the hospital and you are physically disabled or of old age. While public transport comes lacking in many areas in the country. A solution is finally in the wind.

Ride health founder, Imran, created an app that will allow people access to transport as they leave medical centers and also a fast way to the hospital in case of an emergency. The ride is accessible to the handicapped, sick and the elderly.

While consumers have accepted this idea, it has aided over 2000 patients. Their outreach has gone from 20 states to over 50 states and set to grow over the years.

7. Slack

Another billion-dollar enterprise that hit a billion-dollar valuation in less than 2 years is Slack. The founder, Stewart Butterfield was gunning for an online game he had always wanted to create.

It was to be his new project since his last business, Flickr, had been sold to Yahoo. Yahoo had really hit the market. With much enthusiasm and a need for a side project, he started the game project. But it never hit, or rather never came to be.

So, he designed a communication tool. This tool had been used internally by them and all they needed to do was buff it up. It had been a random idea but it turned out to be a top million-dollar business now used globally.

8. Possible Finance

A platform that allows you to earn back your credit and assist you as you pay back your loans. With the high rate of bad debts, this has been a very opportune experience for the company.

Founders Tony Huang, Prasad Mahendra, and Tyler Conant claim that they can make short term loans worth $500 in less than a minute. This has really built its market base.

In existence for just 2 years, this app has become one software startup business that is set to break ground less than the expected period.

9. Tributi

Having trouble with your taxes? Finding it had to file? Or time is not on your side? Founders Simon Gonzalez and Andre's Velez created a software that will automate all your taxation issues at a go.

This app has become a revolutionary startup which has accumulated over $120,000 in seed funding in just one year of being in business. The founders say, they have just started and they are not about to stop.

Turn Your Idea into a Reality

Some of the most successful Startups were ridiculed when they were actually starting up in the industry. Lack of experience and the imbalance of nature immobilized these businesses to about 42% of them ending up as failed projects.

Your business doesn't have to fail. Get your hands dirty! Focus all your energy into the project! It's through a determination that your idea gets to be embraced by many.

Reach out to us and let's be a team united towards your success.

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