What is My Lucky Ride?

My Lucky Ride is a ride on-demand hailing service in Bangalore, India. Users can subscribe to a vehicle without any down payment. Thus, giving a chance to all the people in different economic slabs to easily travel. My Lucky Ride also offers an excellent opportunity for corporates who need a fleet of vehicles on demand.

My Lucky Ride takes care of all the vehicle serving and repairs. Thus, reducing the maintenance costs for the users.

Who are its Customers?

My Lucky Ride has a fleet of more than 1000+ vehicles; These vehicles are rented out and maintained to a wide variety of customers.

For Customers

The end customer can subscribe to a vehicle from a few hours to a couple of months via a simple mobile application.

For Technicians

The technicians have a mobile and a web portal to manage all the bookings and the maintenance reminders for every vehicle.

For Corporates

Corporates like Swiggy, On-Track leases a large number of vehicles that they need to service their customers. Corporates can manage their contracts via a web portal.


  • Flexible booking policy for Customers

    Every user has complete control over the period that he wants to need the ride. The users can rent for an hour or even for a month. My Lucky Ride also provides an option to subscribe for vehicles on demand.

  • Complete vehicle management

    Every technician has a live view of the bookings that are currently active. Technicians also manage the vehicles that need servicing.

  • End to end Corporate Management

    Corporates have a full-featured dashboard to know the status of their fleets under each signed contracts. The corporates are also given a dashboard with the live location of their vehicles, service dues, and online payment of the rental.


Tech Stack

My Lucky Ride was one of the successful projects that we had developed from scratch. The tech stack as decided based on the cost and the timeline of the development. The client had to go with a lean stack since he had a low budget initially.

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