What is Search Education?

Search Education helps international students to pursue the best education and acquire relevant skills and make a great experience. Students can search, apply and track the application flow at much affordable cost.

How does it work?

Search Education curates the list of courses from thousands of universities across the word to help students find one that matches their needs. Search Education uses that amazing AI and ML driven algorithm to see which courses fit the students. The student can apply to the courses with the same portal. Search Education takes care of all the hard work with dedicated student counselors.

The Challenge

Search Education was Tart Labs First EduTech startup, and we were fascinated about the great things happening in that industry. After the requirements explanations, we did in-depth research on how the students behave, interviewed a handful of students to know their intention and formulated a brand new secret sauce and as expected it worked!

The Search Education's in-house development & marketing team was able to see considerable growth in traffic.

UX Research

Our UX guys and the project manager continuously iterated a couple of concepts to identify which works best. We tested each flow in the process with a closed set of diverse groups and improved them with their feedback's. This kind of iterative validations helped the client to come up with a matching marketing strategy.

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Visual Design

Once the UX guys finalize the wireframes for the development process, the UI guys kicked in. The client had some preferred colors to choose from, and we added our magic there to get matching complementary colors. The fonts are selected based on the client's preference and feedbacks from the closed group of students.






Open Sans



Finally! We brought in more leads.

Tart Labs and Search Education team worked for three months straight to put forth a strategy. Each hour that we spent was giving us joy when we saw the traffic and feedback from the students who were using their website. We always take joy upon your success.

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