Back Story

Sportiv is the Go-To platform for professional sports players to keep track of their sports achievements, build an excellent sports profile and seek for opportunities/ sponsorships.

Sportiv digitally helps build sports profiles of aspirants and professionals with details of events participated, levels played, positions secured, and critical performance metrics.

Organize Matches & Track Scores

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Sportiv helps users to organize team matches and helps them to keep track of their scores. Thus helping them to know where they stand regarding their performance and who's ahead of them in their district, zone, state, national or international bests.


  • Digital Player Profile

    Every athlete can create an online profile where they can showcase each of their achievements even when they are not playing.

  • Organize Matches

    Users can create teams to organize matches and keep track of their scores. Rank in the public leader board. Know your ranking within a city.

  • Events and Matches Around You

    Sportiv shows the list of events happening around your city. Anyone can create a game with appropriate privacy settings. Users can challenge a team and


Tech Stack

Sportiv was one of the successful projects that we had developed from scratch. The tech stack as decided based on the cost and the timeline of the development. The client had to go with a lean stack since he had a low budget initially.

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