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Technology is changing everyday, and how we use it is no different. See how cloud based applications can help you and your company.

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Technology is changing to be more convenient than ever. We're no longer tethered to our computers at our desks. Now, we have everything we need at our fingertips. Or rather, in the cloud.

Cloud computing is essentially Internet-based computing. Rather than hosting the hardware on premises, cloud-based applications are accessed via the Internet.

Cloud-based applications make work life easier by allowing you to access your information no matter where you are, but the benefits go beyond that.

Let's look into how the cloud benefits your company.

Reduced Costs

It takes time and money to maintain a network. Once you're on the cloud, you'll pay as you go. You'll also free up your IT department to focus on other tasks, and reduce the costs of IT.

It's worth the ROI you'll receive by getting your system up and running in less time than traditional systems. The cloudcan reduce yoursetup time by months.

Not only does it save money in setup costs, but it also saves in maintenance costs.


All data that you keep in the cloud is maintained in real time. Any updates that you or team members make will be available immediately. This means no need to email documents and risk using outdated material.

A cloud environment allows you tocontrol your documents and ensure that only one person at a time can make changes so you don't end up with a library of various versions and risk using the wrong document.

Since everyone is accessing the same document,you won't have to worry aboutreleasing outdated documents to clients.

Increased Collaboration

People can work together virtually via the cloud. This means no matter where you are in the world, you can work with your team members in the same space.

Coworkers can share documents, visuals, powerpoints and more. This ability reduces time to market and provides a platform for real-time communication. Email can become cluttered and confusing over time.

But by working together in a cloud-based environment everyone with access can see the dialog access relevant information.


The cloud provides a completely scalable environment to grow as your business grows. You'll never run out of bandwidth because you can expand as needed to cover additional employees or sites within the system. This is important for growing business that will need to continually add storage space.

This is as easy as the click of a button. You don't have the worry of traditional systems like downtime. New space is added with no disruption to your business processes, meaning your productivity is never affected.


Take the system with you, no matter where you go. You can access a cloud-based applicationanywhere. You can move seamlessly from your laptop to your smartphone without missing a beat.

In today's fast-paced business climate, the ability to access your information quickly is essential. Push notifications will immediately alert you of any updates that require your attention.

With more and more companies adopting a remote work environment, the ability for employees to access information on the go is critical.

Less Impact on the Environment

By having less data centers across the world, and enabling the use of shared resources the cloud is helping to minimize the impact on the environment.

Choosing the cloud results in less hardware and machines, which also means less energy is needed to run. More companies are looking to reduce their carbon footprintby choosing cloud computing.

Loss Prevention

Since your data is stored in the cloud and not on premises, your information is safe from natural disasters like fires or flooding. It's also safe from loss if something ever happened to your computer. Did a virus wipe everything out? Your cloud-based applications won't be affected.

In the case of theft, you can wipe your data remotely to make sure your information stays confidential.

Increased Security

Cybercrime is a real issue and some companies may shy away from cloud computing because of fears of their data being access remotely. However, while the cloud makes it convenient for your company and those with access to get what they need, it provides a high level of security that prevents anyone who doesn't belong in the system from getting access to it.

When you consider that often times data theft occurs internally, you'll realize why it's safer to keep the data offsite. In addition to disaster recovery, hosting your data in the cloud keeps it out of the wrong hands.

Automatic Updates

Have you ever tried to access a software system and been notified that it's down for scheduled maintenance? System downtime wastes company time and stifles productivity.

A cloud-based environment does not have this issue because these systems automatically update when needed. Rather than having to take time out for updates, you can keep business running as usual.

Reaping the Benefits of Cloud-Based Applications

By adopting cloud-based applications within your organization, you'll nurture productivity, reduce costs and keep your information safe from theft or natural disaster.

You'll also always have your information readily available and ensure collaboration throughout your company. Regardless of whether you have one location or many, the cloud can support your business needs.

Growing companies, in particular, can benefit from cloud-basedsolutions. Cloud computing will grow and expand with your company as needed, without the need for IT to get involved with the process. This frees them up to be productive in other areas of your business, so you can focus on your continuing success.

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