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Building a web application is entirely different than creating a website. Web app development requires special design considerations and developmental challenges to develop a top-class web-application.

Chat Centre Revolutionising Customer Engagement

Tart Labs helped to build a top class web app that is used by millions of people across the globe to engage with their customers. Chat Center creates a customized unique URL for each user.

Chat Centre posed a variety of developmental challenges to Tart Labs, but our team of experienced hands created wonders. Eager to know more how we pulled this off?

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What you need to know about Web
Application Development

We use modern architectural patterns, such as MVP and MVVM, to create dynamic and scalable apps with clean, maintainable, and testable code. Our Swiss Army Knife set


Programming Frameworks

Chosen by the ability to handle problems, speed, and adaptability. We specialize in Angular, ReactJs, ExpressJS, and Laravel.



We work with SQL and NoSQL databases, user demand and system requirements finalize our choice of database. We have used MySQL, PostgreSQL, DynamoDb, and Redis


Cloud Infrastructure

We use services like AWS, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, and Azure for all kinds of server needs. We also use AWS Lambda and Google Cloud Functions to create Serverless Web Applications.



Our work doesn't stop with development; we monitor your needs and scale the servers when needed. We use Load balancers, Partitioning, Vertical scaling, and Horizontal scaling to match demands.

Why Choose Tart Labs For Your Web App Development?

Tart Labs's experience in designing and developing for web can highly increase the growth for your business. We craft easy-to-use, scalable, secure, and performing web frameworks to focus on apt use cases. Every web application development goes through these steps.

Requirement Elicitation

Our product team will get in touch with you to gather your requirements and formulate a product specification. Upon approval, our design team builds wireframes. These wireframes are converted to high-quality clickable prototypes with animations, transitions, and interactions.

Design And Development

Our Development team takes it from here. Our team of robust frontend and backend developers, we craft designs with high-quality reusable code. We specialize in Angular, React, NodeJs, PHP and anything that you think.

Quality Control

Every piece of work that gets crafted goes into testing, to make sure the code is efficient, reliable, usable, stable and secure. We use all kinds of industry-leading testing tools.

Deployment Infrastructure

We ensure that every code that's developed goes into production, our competent DevOps team takes care of end to end deployment. Our DevOps team make sure that your system runs effectively with ~99.998% uptime with continuous deployment changes.

Support And Maintenance

There is a saying - "Part of the journey is the end.". But not for us, we provide post-release support service for as long as you require. Thus making it possible for you to evolve the product to carter a much wider audience and improve the product's quality to match the demand of scale.

SEO and Marketing

A good website is useless if it doesn't have enough traffic. Our world-class SEO team takes care of all the necessary works to drive organic traffic by crafting well-organized content. Our SEO team takes care of creating blogs, guest posts, high-quality video content production, relevant backlink and many more.

Want some help?

We have a full suite of development services for all kinds of software demands. If you want some help selecting which one is right for you, book a call with us!

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Tart Labs was founded with a small group of enthusiastic minds, who would like to revolutionize the software industry. From then we are continuously growing. Our team helps you to envision the app precisely like the way you imagined it to be and make it much better with our experience.


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