10 Indisputable Reasons why Your Small Business Needs a Mobile App

By Gowtham Raj on June 2nd, 2019

Mobile devices like phones and tablets comprise at least 57% of U.S. online traffic. Are you ready to raise your business’s online presence? If so, why not take advantage of one of the internets biggest traffic generators. 

Mobile apps can act as a gateway between your business and millions of additional leads. But, it’s not just the numbers that count. Adding a mobile application for your web service or online product makes it easier for the world of internet users to support your business. 

If you want to know why your business needs a mobile app, you need to study the benefits behind a smooth mobile interface, and much more. Keep reading if you want your small business to succeed in the digital age. 

10. Build Wider Audiences 

A mobile application developer job is to siphon your idea into an attractive portal to your company’s product or service. When doing this, your idea becomes accessible to millions of additional users from many new demographics. 

For example, Instagram has over 77.6 million active users. Their mobile app is on millions of smartphones and tablets, reaching out to a generation of millennials who prefer to use their phone over waiting for a desktop to start up. 

The upshot? By making a mobile app for your business, you have access to a larger pool of potential customers who spend a lot of time on their phones.  

9. Peer-to-Peer Visibility 

As your app spreads from phone to phone, your product becomes visible to people by proxy to your starting user. For instance, if your app successfully captures the eye with good design, someone who installed your app is more likely to share the application or be recognized using it. 

8. Take Your Sales Through The Roof 

Your apps can make your business more money passively. If you treat your mobile app like your website, you can monetize your app through advertisements. You can also recreate your website on a mobile app, creating one pipeline of online monetization. 

If you want to keep your small business funded, you need mobile apps to expand your options for making money. In short, when you calculate the number of additional users you’ll receive through a mobile app, then multiply that by marketable services, your funding will naturally increase. 

7. New Points of Connectivity

Your mobile app can target the internal structures of your business along with your customer base. Say you need a staff-directory that anyone can access from any location? You can build an app to connect your employees together. 

6. Improve Customer Experience

As the number of internet-connected mobile devices jumps, a customer service mobile app makes it possible for your customers to get flexible help from your staff.

When you’re looking at the early stages of mobile app development, consider adding a customer-service chatbot to your design. This improves customer experience and makes your app as all-encompassing as your website. 

5. Use Powerful Design to Power Sales 

Slight changes in the design of your applications can make you more money and keeps customers using your app longer. Simply put, mobile apps give designers a small canvas to accomplish big designs and animations. 

Mobile apps rely heavily on UX development. When you choose to add a mobile app to your small business, you give developers a chance to help your customers form positive associations to your business. Mobile apps are tactile and deeply visual, meaning that your customers are immersed in your business’s story. 

4. Improve Your Image 

Younger generations make assumptions about the effectiveness of a company based on their cohesion to modern business strategies. Here’s a for instance. Imagine if Spotify was only supported on a desktop? 

That would lead many users to associate Spotify with the past, and not the newness of mobile music services. You can apply this same theory to your business, and positively influence your leads to trust your company because it followed the global trend.

3. Boost Your Site Traffic 

Almost all smartphone users check their phone once per hour. This is true of simple tools, websites, and mobile apps.

If you build an app for your business, you can easily increase the amount of web traffic you get on your site. In short, users are more likely to check your app on their phone multiple times then refresh a webpage on their laptop. 

2. Raise Customer Loyalty 

When you’re wondering how to find an app developer, ask yourself which service will keep your customers loyal to your business. A mobile app is perfectly fitted for notification systems to keep your customers focused on your business. 

When you’re thinking about your first app, ask yourself which ping notifications make the most sense? Will you be alerting your audience about new updates on past products? With apps, you can quickly let your customers know about changes to your business on the fly. 

1. Improve Your Marketing Strategy 

Mobile apps make your marketing strategy span across a broader audience and keep them acutely focused on your product for longer. When you go this route, you can start planning your campaigns according to specific phone users (by brand, like Apple). 

You can’t really market your business to Dell computer users or Windows operating systems. However, you can make an app that attracts Android users or Pixel fanatics. This quickly gives you a leg up on development time and gives rise to great account-based marketing schemes. 

Where Mobile Apps Can Take You 

Mobile apps are your small businesses way of caring about the full space of internet users. Not everyone is going to sit at a desktop when browsing your website. Most people are quick on the go and need a clear way of learning about your products and services. 

Don’t you think it’s time you found an app developer that can change the way people view your business? After reading this far, there’s nothing stopping you from expanding your businesses device compatibility. 

This is your next step to action. You need a reason to keep building your business, now you have one. Step forward into a new age of technology and make your idea a reality today. 

By Gowtham Raj

June 2nd, 2019